Russia to Create Drone Flights Control System



The chief constructor of the system, developed by the Russian Space Systems holding said that Russia will create a system to control flights of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), including small quadcopters.

Moscow – Russia will create a system to control flights of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), including small quadcopters, Mikhail Kirechko, the chief constructor of the system, developed by the Russian Space Systems holding, which belongs to the state-run Roscosmos space corporation, told Sputnik in an interview.

“It is better to use the term ‘management information system. Russian Space Systems experts… are already engaged in the development of the system. Moreover, control is only a tool, while the goal is to streamline and create a working environment for operators of small UAS, expanding their capabilities and to form a basis for creating a whole package of new high-tech services in our country’s economy,” Kirechko said.

According to Kirechko, remotely controlled aircraft technology has become much cheaper in recent years and has made imported quadcopters widely available on the Russian market, thus driving the decision to create the system to control UAS flights.

New rules are needed to ease restrictions on the commercial use of quadcopters, he added, noting that this will offer a range of technological development advantages to the country.

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  • Date : May 22, 2017
  • Source: Sputnik
  • Country: USA
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