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The objective of this web site is to promote, within the context of UVS International’s ” Global Access Initiative”, the awareness with international Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/Drone community of RPAS/Drone-related Rules & Regulations and to make relevant documents from all over the world available. This web site contains a very extensive document lirabry, which is freely accessible to all registered visitors.

www. rps-info.com    its sister web site, is dedicated, within the context of UVS International’s “Global Acces Initiative”, to the promotion of International Awareness of Remotely Piloted Systems by making information (brochures, datasheets & photos) concerning aerial, terrestrial and maritime systems and sub-systems from all over the world available.

Both web sites have a very extensive list of useful links.

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Suggestions & comments on how to improve this site are welcome and should be addressed to Adriaan van Blyenburgh at avb@rps-info.com

Visitors to this site are encouraged to email their remotely piloted system-related press releases, brochures, technical & performance data sheets, and photos to Adriaan van Blyenburgh at avb@rps-info.com.

Companies interested in sponsoring the continued development of this site are requested to contact Peter van Blyenburgh
at pvb@rps-info.com.

Our members’ testimonials

Of the many events on drones, the RPAS 2016 is the conference to attend for anyone in search for the latest news and exchanging with a truly international community and the relevant stakeholders and experts in the RPAS area. With the aviation strategy of the EU published in December 2015, the importance of the conference is greater than ever – I am looking forward to two very exiting days at a great location in Brussels. www.bho-legal.com

Oliver Heinrich – BHO Legal, Germany
Oliver HeinrichBHO Legal

UVS International organised conferences are not only a great opportunity to receive the latest information on tendencies in RPAS industry directly from primary sources, but also an incomparable possibility to share achievements, discuss proposals and expand your contact list with passionate professionals who are ready to support and advise you at all times. www.larpas.lv

Ilmars Ozols – LARPAS, Latvia
Ilmars Ozols LARPAS, Latvia

I regularly attend the (bi)annual UVS International RPAS Conferences in Brussels, Belgium, as they are an excellent event for networking with key players from all over Europe, and to get the latest updates about ongoing rulemaking in Europe and beyond. www.aaig.at/uas

Raoul Fortner – Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group (AAI)
Raoul Fortner Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group (AAI)

UVS International is the largest international association dedicated to the RPAS community. Its RPAS-related events, with the participation of the main companies & institutional representatives, are of prime importance for business development purposes. These conferences represent an opportunity for interfacing with the EC, regulatory authorities, flight schools, operators, manufacturers, qualified entities, international organizations, which contributes to the creation of important connections that help to improve and optimize the regulatory & standardization harmonization processes in the European Union. www.skylinesris.com

Michele Fazio – SkyLine, Italy
Michele Fazio SkyLine, Italy

I wish to thank Peter van Blyenburgh and UVS International for their incredible and unwavering support of the international RPAS community. Peter's conferences are always of the highest interest and cover the complete range of subjects which are relevant to the development of our professional activities. The French Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil gives its entire support to the RPAS 2016 conference and its new website. www.federation-drone.org

Stéphane Morelli – Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil, France
Stéphane MorelliStéphane Morelli

By chance I attended an UVS International Conference for the first time in 2009, when I was serving in EASA: nice event, friendly atmosphere, time to discuss and network with colleagues and, finally, an organisation not only looking at large military drones, but also at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises involved in small civil RPAS. Since then I have regularly attended UVS International events and still find them useful to consolidate positions across the community, whether they are involved in large or small "birds". www.unifortunato.eu

Prof. Filippo Tomasello – Università Giustino Fortunato, Italy
Prof. Filippo Tomasello Università Giustino Fortunato, Italy

For the last five years I have attended the RPAS Conferences of UVS International: Up-to-date information on all issues of RPAS like air law status, certification, operations, technical and insurance matters across Europe and abroad are of great value for my work. Personal networking during the conferences and afterwards with all participants offers a unique opportunity for the whole RPAS community.

Horst Schmidt-Bischoffshausen – STIC Consulting, Germany
Horst Schmidt-BischoffshausenSTIC Consulting, Germany

With UVS International conferences, I have a unique opportunity to have an interactive insight and influence on the world RPAS market and its latest developments. It is also an excellent occasion for me to network and establish relations to support our business at senseFly. www.sensefly.com

Samuel Dépraz – senseFly Ltd (A Parrot Company), Switzerland
Samuel DéprazsenseFly Ltd (A Parrot Company)

The UVS International RPAS conferences have been the best single source of timely and incisive information on key issues facing the sector for near two decades. Attending is fundamental to anyone seeking to be a part of the global RPAS industry; it is where the world meets and learns.

Peter La Franchi – LFRG Pty Ltd, Australia
Peter La Franchi LFRG Pty Ltd, Australia

The annual RPAS Conference has for a long time proven its ability to bring relevant groups of attentive military and civilian representatives, agencies, industry and academia, together to discuss the current state of RPAS advances. The event is continuously influencing safe utilization of RPAS technology in civilian and public domains worldwide, lifting the event far above others in its diversity and depth. www.blacklight-uas.com

Niklas Nyroth – BlackLight UAS, China & Sweden
Niklas NyrothBlackLight UAS, China & Sweden

The UVS International RPAS Conferences have brought together the key players that have been shaping the RPAS industry in Europe for over a decade. This is a key conference to meet the “movers” and “shakers” in Europe. www.eurousc.com

André Clot – European Unmanned Systems Centre, UK
André ClotEuropean Unmanned Systems Centre, UK

The RPAS 2016 conference allows to structure the international RPAS community, this market consists of small actors that need to come together to exchanges points of view. This is the time to create a swarm movement to make strong proposals in terms of legislation. Don't wait until the rules are imposed – attend this conference and help shape them. www.pilgrim-technology.com

Anne-Marie Haute – Pilgrim Technology, France
Pilgrim Technology, France

The UVS International RPAS Conferences are a great place to build up your RPAS community network, as well as giving you the opportunity to present your ideas and achievements to a wide forum of RPAS specialists. Furthermore, Peter van Blyenburgh is marvelous speaker and leads each discussion to very concrete conclusion. www.nokia.com

Sebastian Babiarz – Nokia Solutions & Networks, Germany
Sebastian BabiarzNokia Solutions & Networks, Germany

In the rapidly changing environment of civil operations of RPAS in Europe, the RPAS and CivOps conferences organized by UVS International are a key resource to understand what the drivers of the industry are and to establish and maintain connections with the most important actors in the sector.

Manuel Onate – AERPAS, Spain
Manuel OnateAERPAS, Spain

Over the years the UVS International conferences have become the central meeting point for all stakeholders in the RPAS world. For those who want to influence the future of our industry, this is the place to be. www.clearflightsolutions.com

Robert Jonker – Clear Flight Solutions, The Netherlands
Robert JonkerClear Flight Solutions, The Netherlands

The annual RPAS conference organized by UVS International in Brussels is the meeting place to get the latest insight into developments and trends in commercial RPAS industry and business, including international rules and regulations. This is a unique setting and meeting place for manufacturers, operators & customers of RPAS technology and services. www.robotaviation.com

Ole Vidar Homleid – Founder of Robot Aviation, Norway
Ole Vidar Homleid Founder of Robot Aviation, Norway

My first attendance at a conference organized by UVS International was back in 2013. The speakers were so interesting and the audience so diverse and professional that I have made sure to never miss any following event since then. This is the place to be, if you really want to know what is going on in the RPAS/drone community! www.global-aero.fr

Jean Fournier – Global Aerospace, France
Jean Fournier Global Aerospace, France

UVS International’s conferences are a must for the simple fact that UVS International is the leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of civilian RPAS and the required rules, regulations and standards. UVSI’s yearly June conference is great, comprehensive and a vital knowledge source & information hub for the latest developments on the global, as well as European level. Furthermore, the conference offers perfect networking opportunities with relevant stakeholders. www.sharpershape.com

Taro Kuusiholma, SharperShape, Finland
Taro KuusiholmaSharperShape, Finland

The annual UVS International conference has been a key venue to foster global acceptance of RPAS standards.  This has reduced duplication and maximized the effectiveness and efficiency of limited "volunteer" resources focused on the development of these RPAS standards. www.astm.org

Ted Wiersbanowski – ATSM International, USA
Ted Wiersbanowski ATSM International, USA

UVS International is the leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of civilian RPAS and provides information about the latest regulations & business development. UVS International is the accurate source of information when you require the latest insight into developments & trends in the commercial RPAS industry. For years, I have followed the annual RPAS conferences organized by UVS International in Brussels, Belgium. Attending the conference, not only gives the chance to meet manufacturers, operators & customers of RPAS technology, but also to discuss and learn about international rules & regulations, from the experts themselves, who came from all over the globe. https://aviation.sgs.com/

Tracy Lamb – SGS HART Aviation, UK
Tracy LambSGS HART Aviation, UK

UVS International’s conference is the one I attend in Europe to keep track of developing RPAS technology and emerging regulatory issues in Europe and around the world. www.avinc.com

Andy Thurling – AeroVironment, Inc., USA
Andy Thurling AeroVironment, Inc., USA

Participation in UVS International’s RPAS conference was a memorable experience for me and my Romanian colleagues due to the contact we had with the real Think Tank formed by the civil RPAS operators from most European associations. The bi-annual conferences organized by UVS International are an excellent opportunity for us to update our knowledge on RPAS and to create new links between organizations from all over Europe, in our common attempt to create a continental pole position for this fast developing community. www.uvsr.org

Florin Nedelcut – UVS Romania, Romania
Florin Nedelcut UVS Romania, Romania

At every conference that he organizes for UVS International, Peter van Blyenburgh manages to bring together the key decision makers of this fast-changing industry. Our presence at previous UVS International conferences has lead to multiple valuable contacts and a significant amount of interest for our UTM architecture. www.unifly.aero

Marc Kegelaers – Unifly, Belgium
Marc Kegelaers Unifly, Belgium

UVS International is an invaluable source of information, a cauldron of ideas and a forum to network with key members of the global RPAS industry. The industry is developing fast, and UVS International conferences are the best way for us to keep our finger on the international pulse! www.uaai.ie

John Wright – Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland, Ireland
John Wright Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland, Ireland

The annual UVS International Conference in Brussels (RPAS 2016)  presents a valued opportunity to ensure currency with the latest developments regarding RPAS technology, regulatory matters, certification initiatives, and issues impacting the RPAS domain across Europe. The event is keenly relevant, informative and worthwhile. – www.ga-asi.com

Christopher Ames – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., USA
Christopher AmesGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., USA

The events organized by UVS International are a valuable source of information and give us the opportunity to meet many of the actors of this market. This year the conference will certainly help us to make strong proposals in terms of legislation. www.selene-avocats.fr

Alicia Mazouz – Selene Avocats, France
Alicia MazouzSelene Avocats, France

This RPAS conference offers a unique opportunity to bring together RPAS operators and relevant experts focused on the use of drones for civil operations. This focus ensures that the information presented at the conference is relevant, useful and practical for stakeholders operating in this space. www.trilateralresearch.com

Rachel Finn – Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK
Rachel FinnTrilateral Research & Consulting

The UVS International RPAS Conference represents the highest level of stakeholder engagement in the emerging RPAS industry. It is has an interesting and diverse range of briefs and panel session’s and is attended by a large number of influential industry and SME’s from all over the globe. In addressing the concerns and challenges faced by the newest and most dynamic sector of the aviation industry, it is second to none. www.arpas.uk

Craig Lippett – ARPAS, UK
Craig Lippett ARPAS, UK

UVS International being the leading RPAS association in Europe, has created the central forum for information, innovation and ideas. The international RPAS conferences managed and lead by Peter van Blyenburgh are the principal events in this domain, where all the key players and stakeholders of the RPAS world meet and exchange experiences & visions to shape the European RPAS market. www.uavdach.org

Bernhard von Bothmer – UAVDACH, Germany
von Bothmer
UAVDACH, Germany

The annual UVS International RPAS Conference is the established forum in Europe that brings the global RPAS community together to share technical, regulatory and political information that is shaping policy and aviation standards for routine RPAS airspace integration. www.thepadinagroup.com

John Walker – The Padina Group, U.S.A.
The Padina Group, U.S.A.

In 2015, I attended for the first time one of the (bi)annual UVS International RPAS Conferences in Brussels, Belgium. It's the place to be if you want to discuss with professionals and key players. They are there to help you and give you advise at all times. It is also the place where the national RPAS associations and  share their passion and experiences. For sure, I will be there at the next conference. www.beuas.be

Patrick Mascart – BeUAS, Belgium
BeUAS, Belgium
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