Our Vision

Why this site matters

The objective of this site is to promote, within the context of the “Global Access Initiative”, the awareness with international Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/Drone community of RPAS/Drone-related Rules & Regulations and to make relevant documents from all over the world available. This web site contains a very extensive document lirabry, which is freely accessible to all registered visitors.

www.rps-info.com    its sister web site, is dedicated, within the context of UVS International’s “Global Acces Initiative”, to the promotion of International Awareness of Remotely Piloted Systems by making information (brochures, datasheets & photos) concerning aerial, terrestrial and maritime systems and sub-systems from all over the world available.

Both web sites have a very extensive list of useful links.

How you can help

Suggestions & comments on how to improve this site are welcome and should be addressed to Adriaan van Blyenburgh at avb@rps-info.com

Visitors to this site are encouraged to email their remotely piloted system-related press releases, brochures, technical & performance data sheets, and photos to Adriaan van Blyenburgh at avb@rps-info.com.

Companies interested in sponsoring the continued development of this site are requested to contact Peter van Blyenburgh
at pvb@rps-info.com.

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