This web site contains an online photo library, which has as purpose to constitute a freely consultable RPAS data base that illustrates the diversity of the RPAS that are being used, or can be used, for non-military applications [commercial, non-commercial (including corporate) & governmental].
Each of the posted photos will be identified by name of manufacturer, country of origin & model designation.
All RPAS manufacturers can submit a photo of each of their RPAS models for posting.
Only one photo per RPAS will be posted.

The submitted photos should have the following specifications:
Format: PNG or JPEG
Type: colour
Size: approx. 15 x 10 cm (1772 x 1181 pixels) – Width x Height
Resolution: 300 dpi

The file name of the submitted photos should be constructed as follows:
name of manufacturer_country of origin_designation of RPAS model
(example: DOV-Technology_Portugal_Aerospeed-60)

The posting of these RPAS photos will not involve any costs for the submitting company.

Photos can be submitted in the box below, if they don’t represent more than 10 MO.

Send files
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