Dutch Minister to Relax Rules on Commercial Mini Drone Flights

150501 dutch minister minidrone rules

The Dutch infrastructure ministry is working on new rules which will enable what it calls ‘commercial companies’ to use mini drones without having to apply for permits.

The change, due to come into effect on October 1, means the same rules will apply to both commercial and private drone users.

Mini drones weigh a maximum of four kilos. ‘The use of drones commercially has grown a lot over the past few years and continues to do so,’ said junior infrastructure minister Wilma Mansveld. ‘The new rules will create more space for this innovative sector and ensure it is clear which safety rules they have to adhere to.’

A mini drone will not be allowed to fly higher than 50 metres or 100 metres from the controller. Drones will also have to keep a distance of 50 metres from people, buildings and other unmanned aircraft. Nor can drones be flown within five kilometres of airports.

Photo: Dutch Tulip Fields – Still from Drone video

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