White Paper: Dysfunction in UAS Regulatory Safety Decision Making – Analysis and a New Paradigm

In this paper by Suzette Matthews, Esq. and Frank L. Frisbie, P.E., the authors postulate that the absence of an articulated paradigm and decisional standards for determining whether a particular UAS operation will be “reasonably safe” for performance over the non-consenting public is the most significant barrier to certification/operating approval for commercial UAS.

The authors attribute this gap to, and describe, dysfunctional behaviours on the part of FAA that avoid/prevent effective safety decision making, and discuss why such behaviours are intractable as long as safety decisions reside within government.  To effectively address this decisional dysfunction, the authors recommend that FAA’s safety role and authorities be transferred out of government as an element of Congressional legislative corporatization/privatisation legislation.

The complete paper can be accessed here.

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About this article

  • Date : June 7, 2017
  • Source: Press Release
  • Country: USA


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